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The Forum is committed to supporting students in their attendance of the forum, and as such we are happy to reimburse travel expenses from non-host universities to White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate events across the region. We are also happy to reimburse speakers, respondents and conference organizers with the cost of their lunch whilst attending events.*

To claim your expenses, please download and print the form below:

Download File Icon




To complete the form, fill in your personal details (including your home University, and the name of your representative), then enter any expenses with a relative label (Travel, Food, Event Costs) – for the benefit of the office, please provide a running subtotal in the right column, and a grand total at the bottom.

When the form is complete, please sign it, and attach any relevant receipts (without evidence of the expenditure it may not be possible for us to reimburse your costs) and return the form to your representative. The representative will then be able to pass on your claim to office, and you will be reimbursed in cash, or by cheque as soon as the claim has cleared.


*Please be aware that a limit of £25 for travel and £10 for lunch applies to expenses claims.


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